Video Gait Analysis

Biomechanical Video Gait Analysis (BVGA) is simply the observation of how a person runs and/or walks using video technology. Recording the walking and running stride allows the clinician/coach and patient/athlete to examine the film sequence in slow motion and discuss actual movements and mechanical stresses occurring during the activity.

This opportunity to objectively measure corrections and improvements in motor patterns can lead to quicker injury recovery and optimal sport performance. The information shown, especially in slow motion running, often creates the foundation of an exciting new process of training and athletic accomplishment.

What does a BVGA include?

Our clinical gait analysis lab offers personalized treadmill sessions, wide-angle, slow-motion digital videography and sophisticated Sport Motion analysis software. A complete BVGA protocol covers the following aspects of your running experience:

  1. Running injury and training history.
  2. Anatomical design and current running shoe analysis.
  3. Functional biomechanical run testing.
  4. Digital videography of standing, walking (barefoot and shoes), and running (shoes and barefoot).
  5. Effective programming for gait correction, retraining, and recovery.

The various aspects of this process may also be used on their own during any phase of treatment and training. Ongoing re-evaluation of the runner’s progress can easily be accomplished with continued access to our treadmill and video analysis.

How will the BVGA Affect my Running?

The BVGA provides both client and clinician the immediate resources to identify and correct problems related to walking and/or running. Slow-motion stride analysis allows for in depth observation of overall body mechanics and ultimately facilitates performance enhancement.

Dr. Stefani’s unique blend of coaching experience and clinical care has been especially effective in addressing cases of chronic re-injury and movement restriction that seem to persist past previous treatment periods and running programs. As a result of learning proper running form and receiving appropriate running programs, you can experience renewed excitement in training and progress into your running goals with confidence and ability.

Contact us at Island Running Doc to discover how you can take advantage of your personal Biomechanical Video Gait Analysis.

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