When our patients and athletes do well, we do well! It is a pleasure to serve and partner with people who desire to make a difference in their life and health. Below are just a few examples of the relationships we have had the privilege to be part of.

Thanks to all of you who help make IslandRunningDoc Chiropractic a place of hope and healing.

– Ferenc and Melanie

“As a former runner, I was devastated when a hip replacement that was to put me back on the road was followed by chronic, unremitting pain which made running impossible and walking any distance difficult. On the advice of a friend I went to see Dr Stefani, who diagnosed scar tissue causing pain and, during his video analysis of gait, revealed that I was a heel striker, which had probably contributed to my hip problem in the first place.

Treatment involved Active Release therapy, which freed up the scar tissue, and a walking program to build endurance. This Sunday I walked over 20 km. and now for the first time in two years, I am pain free. After I finish my trek in New Zealand, I will start a strength building program, correct my gait, and start to run again!”

N. P-M

“… Nancy completed the Tongariro Crossing with flying colours. 7.5 hrs of tough hiking in fog and then rain. After a couple of days of recuperation, she is back to normal and looking for more! Thanks for all your help.”

– B. M.

“Multiple injuries to my neck had severely limited my range of motion. After one treatment Dr. Stefani loosened up my neck muscles and relieved the headaches with which I had learned to live for many years.”

– M.V.

“Your running clinic has been a real inspiration. I feel like I’ve learned so much and have a whole new set of tools to use on race day – both physically (running style) and mentally (being strong and in control).  Can’t wait to put everything into practice!”

– Bill C.

“I just want to express how lucky I feel to have found you. Being a barefoot/minimalist runner, my guess is there are probably less than a handful of doctors on the Island who have extended firsthand experience on the topic (not to mention running in general). I have complete faith 😉 in your skills as a physician. You are probably the only person in the world I would listen to and trust if you told me I needed orthotics.”

– J. C.

“Dr. Stefani

I would like to thank you again for all your expertise and guidance with my injury recovery. When I first visited you just over a year ago I was unable to run anymore due to bursitis in my hips and was scheduled for knee surgery. Thanks to your help I was able to complete my first half ironman this year with no surgery and no bursitis! Your natural approach to medicine, the body, and recovery was very refreshing and enlightening. Until visiting you I had only heard, “don’t run and take ibuprofen.”

As an athlete yourself you understand the psyche of athletes and are able to assist them to recovery through the many different tools you employ including Active Release Technique, proper nutrition, and proper training. You have the ability to put together a plan to allow people to return to their goals, whether that be an ironman or the ability to walk or jog pain free.”

– Jason H.

“Recommend him highly enough!”

– John L.

“When I met Ferenc, I had a very lofty goal; I was working on losing 130 lbs. Ferenc took me on as a client and a runner. His knowledge of sports related injuries is amazing and he really goes out of his way to ensure you can keep doing the things you love.

Over the past two years that I’ve been working with Ferenc, he has stood by me as I have realized my goals and has challenged me as I’ve made new ones. I have had multiple unrelated injuries during that time, and Ferenc has always been able to walk me back to health.

I can say with confidence, I would not have achieved my goals without Ferenc’s help along the way; both medically and as a running coach and mentor. If you have a sports injury or need a running coach, Ferenc is your guy!”

– J. S.

“Thank you very much for effective treatment. And as I have said before, education during the consultation is as important to me as the actual treatment – I always leave with something beneficial to think about. Kind regards,”

– Anne

“Good Morning Ferenc,

I must tell you that you are truly one of the best and most motivational speakers I have ever listened to, and I have listened to many in my 54 years! You have the gift to be able to engage everyone, make everyone feel respected, and all with a wonderful sense of humour. This doesn’t even begin to address how intelligent, knowledgeable and passionate you are about life and the information you are instructing!

You are going to see me cross your door in the near future.”

– K. L.

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